Industrial Total Flooding System Chemori 5112

• Stainless Steel Cylinders

• Fk5-1-12 Clean Agent Discharge

• Automatic Detection and Actuation Controls

• Flexible Configuration

• Cost Effective Total Flooding Solution

• Cylinder Size 20lb – 1200lb

Chemori 5112 Industrial Total Flooding

Chemori 5112 total flooding systems are innovative solutions designed to enhance fire safety in large rooms and enclosed spaces. Unlike traditional fire fighting methods, these systems are specifically engineered for automatic discharge, offering a proactive approach to fire suppression.


The primary purpose of Chemori 5112 total flooding systems is to rapidly suppress fires in expansive areas by releasing the clean agent in a controlled manner. These systems utilize Fk5-1-12, a clean and environmentally friendly agent, which efficiently extinguishes fires by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the protected space. This automatic discharge mechanism ensures swift response times, minimizing the potential for fire escalation and significantly reducing damage to property and assets.


Chemori 5112 total flooding systems offer distinct advantages for fire safety in large rooms. Their design and configuration allow for effective coverage of extensive areas, making them ideal for applications such as warehouses, industrial facilities, power plants, and other spaces where traditional fire suppression methods may be insufficient. By deploying Chemori 5112 total flooding systems, businesses can proactively address fire risks in these critical environments.


One of the notable benefits of Chemori 5112 total flooding systems is their ability to suppress fires without leaving residue or causing damage to sensitive equipment or valuable assets. This is particularly crucial in environments where the preservation of equipment and infrastructure is of utmost importance. Chemori 5112 total flooding systems provide a clean and efficient fire suppression solution, allowing businesses to quickly resume operations after a fire incident.


Chemori 5112 total flooding systems are designed to comply with rigorous safety standards and regulations. The systems undergo comprehensive testing to ensure their reliability and performance in real-world scenarios. By investing in these systems, businesses can have confidence in their fire safety measures, knowing that they are equipped with a proven and reliable solution.


Moreover, Chemori 5112 total flooding systems offer flexibility in terms of installation and customization. They can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different environments, including variations in room size, layout, and fire hazards. This adaptability ensures that businesses can achieve optimal fire suppression performance while maintaining operational efficiency.


For further information or to explore the suitability of Chemori 5112 total flooding systems for your specific requirements, we encourage you to reach out to our knowledgeable team. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive fire safety solutions tailored to your needs and ensuring the protection of your assets and facilities.

Key Features

• Stainless Steel Cylinders and Components

• 500 PSI System

• 20lb – 1200lb Cylinders

• UL / FM Approvals


• Data Centers

• Sub-Stations

• Petrol Chemical Plants

• Storage Areas

• Refinery Processing Equipment

• Telecommunications Facility

• Oil and Gas Facilities

• Industrial Manufacturing

• Logistics Centers

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